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It’s in our nature

 “What we stand for is what we stand on.”

– Wendell Barry, Farmer and Conservationist

Our Story


The Boland has a long history of wine production. It all started in the 1680s when a few French Huguenots began to settle at the small trading outpost in Paarl. What they found here were the perfect conditions to start growing and nurturing a rich winemaking tradition in the region.


From these humble beginnings, the Boland’s wine production grew over the years until in 1939 some 40 wine farmers of the region came together to begin collectively pressing their grapes. Soon their joint production was too large for the existing facilities to handle.


That’s when nine bold farmers from the Paarl area, determined to continue their collaboration, decided to head out on their own and took the courageous step of forming their own winery on 17 June 1941. Today, that winery is known as Boland Cellar.


Boland Cellar was established because local farmers understood that by working together, we could create better wine, and build South Africa’s burgeoning wine industry in a way that none of us could do alone. Collaboration is at the very heart of what we do, and it has led us to become an internationally-recognised, award-winning wine producer.

Pursuit of excellence

Our growing partners’ vineyards cover approximately 1,900 hectares (almost 4,700 acres) in the area across the Cape Coastal Region – from Paarl and Malmesbury to Durbanville and the Berg River Valley. The variations in terroir and climate across these areas create regional expressions of each varietal, giving our dynamic and award-winning winemaking team the opportunity to create wines of both high quality and distinctive character.

The Cape Coastal Region is unique in its myriad of different terroir and climatic zones, producing some of the finest expressions of the varietals grown here. Among the climatic zones we draw on are the Paardeberg and its surrounds, well-known for producing exceptional Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz; the Drakenstein Mountain Slopes, which have lower yields, but very high-quality grapes; the Swartland Border Area, which traditionally produces grain, but is now also renowned for its robust, full-bodied Pinotage and Shiraz; the coastal areas, ideal for Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and lastly the Berg River Valley, which favours white varietals, and consistently delivers a high quality harvest year after year.

Boland Cellar collaborate with different growers across this region, so we can bring together grapes from a variety of different climatic zones, and blend them with our knowledge of the region and our wine-making expertise to create exceptional wine. You’ll find the most recent in our 40-year legacy of international wine awards and trophies here.

Spirit of collaboration

What does Growing Greater Together” really mean? Our slogan is a constant reminder of our greater purpose. We have made a meaningful commitment to an ongoing process of growing nature, our people and our community of collaborators. We do not just “produce wine”, we use it as a tool to plough back into our ecosystem. This ambitious endeavour is inspired by the principle of collaboration. We are keenly aware that we cannot do what we love without nature, our community and our partnerships. Learn more about our dedication to win-win collaborations here

Commitment to

We are extremely privileged to call the Boland our home. From the generous people who live and work here, to the beauty and abundance of nature – our region inspires us daily.

We have been trusted with this area’s precious gifts and it is our responsibility to take great care of it. How do we go about it? We believe by investing in the natural, human and social capital we will enable ourselves, our collaborators and our community grow greater together. Find out more about our sustainability goals here.

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