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Collaboration has been at the heart of everything we do. The exceptional quality we offer is built on working together with growers, employees and suppliers, talented winemakers, our community, our partners and, of course, nature.

Our Ecosystem

Boland Cellar has identified 8 sustainable development goals to help us invest in our natural, human and social capital. Because we believe this is how we enable ourselves and everyone in our ecosystem to thrive.

Quality Education

Quality education is a high priority for Boland Cellar. Vocational training as well as socio-economic training is crucial for the development of all stakeholders. It is only through training that we can bring people together around mutual goals and address responsible quality production and innovation.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Water is a scarce resource and producing wine is incredibly water-intensive. In 2008, the website estimated that it can take up to 960 litres of water to produce a litre of wine (from vine to bottle). It is here that we can make the biggest contribution through innovative strategies. We are looking into solutions like irrigating with grey waste and recycling winery water into re-usable grey-water for sanitation and irrigation.

Affordable & Clean Energy

Boland Cellar has partnered with Sun Exchange to implement solar panels to reduce our carbon foot print. Subsequently, it also gives us an opportunity to save on our energy bill, allowing us to re-invest the savings into our brand(s) through which we give back to our ecosystem. The solar installation is now live and generating renewable and affordable electricity. Read more about the project here.

Decent Work & Economic Growth

Boland Cellar fosters entrepreneurship, job creation and SMME investment and regard it as key to achieving economic growth, providing a platform for addressing social injustices of the past and the upliftment of vulnerable communities.

Responsible Consumption & Production

Consumption and production drive the global economy, but can also wreak havoc. Boland Cellar believes that we can contribute to the health of the planet through the sustainable use of our natural resources.

Climate Action

At Boland Cellar, we want to use the lessons learned from the climate crisis to accelerate the transitions so much needed. We want to redefine our relationship with the environment, by making systematic shifts and transformational changes to become low-greenhouse-gas emission and climate-resilient economies and societies.

Life on land

We are making progress in implementing programmatic and accounting principles to protect biodiversity and ecosystems. Equally important is the need to foster awareness of the interconnections between people and the natural world to ensure more balanced coexistence. The first of its kind for the wine industry, Boland Cellar’s Melita range was launched in collaboration with The Bee Effect to raise and sustain awareness for the Cape and African honey bee species. Find out more here.

Partnerships for the Goals

For industry transformation, greater competition locally and on a global scale is needed to mobilise and uplift the South African wine industry. Boland Cellar’s strategy highlights competition and industry relations as key factors for success.

Specialised Services

Boland Cellar is powered by a value-driven culture of ethical practices and sustainable partnerships. This enables us to offer a commitment of client specific, quality wines and wine services that exceed expectations. We strive to be most trusted, valued and effective global wine partner of choice. Get in touch to find out exactly how we can be your partner in crafting an excellent, bespoke wine offering,

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